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ConsenSys Academy 

Resellers Program 

Open up a world of possibilities for your community 

Sounds cool, but what is it?

ConsenSys Academy Resellers Program

ConsenSys Academy Resellers program gives BUIDL Ambassadors exclusive access to Ethereum developer education for their communities at a discounted price. Additionally, Ambassadors earn credits for each community member that purchases training. These credits can be used for venue costs, catering, travel, anything that helps run the meetups. 


Community members learn how to write their first smart contract or develop a dApp and Ambassadors get additional support for running their meetups! What could be cooler than that?

About ConsenSys Academy Developer Program

The ConsenSys Academy Developer Program is a comprehensive self-paced program with a modular approach to learn Ethereum development. With anytime, anywhere access to course material, the schedule is flexible and that puts time back in the communities' hands.

Multi-modal content will help the community build their Ethereum knowledge and developments skills as their schedule allows - all at once or a few minutes at a time. The community will learn Ethereum development their way, anytime, anywhere.